What Is Pure Acai Berry Max?

If you have not heard about Acai berries and how they can help weight loss, then where have you been? Acai berries have been one of the major revelations in the weight loss industry in recent years .Acai berry is a fruit found mostly in the forests of Brazil.

There are many diet aid products which contain Acai berry extract to some level but Pure Acai Berry Max contains much higher levels than most. This is why it is popular and it is also the reason why we like it.

Every test we have read about which features this product always gives it a positive report. It is said to be very effective, fast working and safe to use.

Pure Acai Berry Max – Why Do Folks Think It Is So Good?

Well, this is a product that contains 1500mg of Acai berry extract. Other supplements usually contain anything as little as 400mg – 900mg. As you can see, Pure Acai Berry Max has more than 50% extra than its nearest competitor. We have never seen as much Acai berry extract in one serving in any other product. This all adds up to a great deal for the customer as it means they will be getting an effective weight loss aid.

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The company claim that the Acai  berry extract they use is a lot fresher than their competitors. They have the berries frozen as soon as they are picked to preserve as much as the natural goodness as possible. The fresher the extract, the more effective the weight loss product will be.You can lose weight up to 5 lbs per week.

Customers have said that they have experiences a lot more than just weight loss when they use Pure Acai Berry Max.  There have been reports that this is a product which will also help to boost energy levels, making it easier to exercise and lose even more weight.

Another benefit which has been mentioned is that Pure Acai Berry Max is great for removing toxins from the body, allowing it to process and burn calories quicker.

One thing to look at closer if you are still undecided is the guarantee. Yes, the company offers the customer a 6 month money back guarantee. This can not be sniffed at. In that time period, it would be possible to see if this is a product which is all hype or really gets results. If you are unhappy with it, request a refund within 6 months (180 days)of purchase.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a weight loss aid which contains the best extract of Acai berries at a very discounted rate, then you should not look further where to buy acai berry.

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