Things You Need To Know Concerning Lyme Disease And Tick Bite Prevention

Being bitten by ticks that are infected with diseases can cause serious and sometimes deadly issues. Many people might be unaware they have been bitten and do not realize there is a problem until they begin to have symptoms. However, the Lyme condition mimics the symptoms of many other illnesses, so knowing you were bitten is a key factor in getting early and more effective treatment. Follow these tips about Lyme disease and tick bite prevention tips to avoid an illness that can indeed be devastating to you for life.

Spirochete is the scientific name given to those ticks that cause this particular type of infection. Those bitten can experience an array of symptoms. By following tips for preventing a bite, you can lessen your chances of going through these symptoms. Because the nymph stage for ticks means they are very tiny, looking out for them is important. If you own a pet, make sure you treat with tick prevention products.

While outdoors, whether in your yard or in a secluded wooded area, you should always take steps to prevent bites from ticks. Wear a specially formulated spray repellents for ticks and make sure to look yourself over when you go indoors. You should also take care to look yourself over a few days after being in an area that could have exposed you to ticks.

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Never use your fingers to pull a tick off you that is latched on. The reason for this is because ticks have barbs in their mouth that can remain behind if they are not pulled straight up and back out. Specially made tweezers for extracting them is the best choice. Avoid touching the tick with bare hands to prevent higher risk of being infected.

Many cases of this condition have been mistaken for the flu. The symptoms are the same at the onset. Be sure to alert your doctor to you being bitten by a tick or that you were in an area that would have been likely for them. This help in properly diagnosing this condition. Antibiotics can be used for treatment and there is a vaccine to help in preventing you getting it as well. A blood test will be performed to make sure you do have Lyme disease before you are treated for it.

When the initial symptoms pass, you may have further and more painful, debilitating symptoms as well. Some of these more serious symptoms can include cognitive impairment, headaches, shortness of breath, arthritis, light and sound sensitivity, and fatigue. You might also experience abdominal pain along with diarrhea and vomiting. These are some of the most severe of symptoms that this tick infection carries.

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Check online to see how well your area has been tested for ticks and the diseases they carry. Many areas do not perform extensive testing because of fewer bites being reported. However, this does not mean you should not take precautions about Lyme disease and tick bite prevention steps.