I am a person who has purchased a number of weight reduction guides. One thing I have discovered is there is no fast route to weight loss. There is also no easy way to keeping the weight off either.

With that said, you can understand my doubts when I was initially introduced to the Fat Loss 4 Idiots guide.

But the more I examined it, the more I realized that they have some very cutting edge ideas. So I will give you my views so you can make up your own mind.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots – Are They Telling The Truth?

If you have not already seen the adverts for this product, this guide says that it can show anyone how to lose up to 9 pounds in a period of 11 days.  Now you can see why I had doubts.

This is one heck of a statement. But I will admit that I have witnessed people losing weight on a rapid scale before now. If the person has a strong desire, good eating plan and an achievable exercise regime, then it is really possible.

But does this mean that it is possible with the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Guide?

Take a look at the four main principles that this weight loss plan is built on:

  • All the food that the person will eat while following the plan is selected by an online diet generator.
  • With this plan, the aim is to eat at regular intervals. This is suggested at 4 to 5 times every day.
  • The initial phase of the diet continues for 11 days. Following this, you are given 3 days off to follow your normal eating habits before returning to the diet once more.
  • The only type of exercise suggested by Fat Loss 4 Idiots is walking. That’s it!
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As you can imagine, this is not a plan you could stick to for a long period of time. But Fat Loss 4 Idiots does give you the tools by giving you a kick start to getting the weight off and then showing you the best ways to stop the weight from returning.

The idea here is to lose the weight quickly and then make changes in your lifestyle to keep it off with eating the right things and staying active with gentle exercise.

This is a plan which is based on a cycle of 11 days ‘on diet’ followed by 3 days ‘off diet’. They tell us that this is an ideal way to get the weight off without it returning.

So What Will Be Eaten On This Plan?

There is a mix of carbs and lean proteins. So the food ranges from pasta and oats to chicken, fruit and veggies. Everything you can get at your local store.

This eating plan divides up into 4 – 5 meals per day. The recommended interval between each meal is 2 ½ hours. Counting the calories or keeping a record of carbs eaten does not come into play as they say there is no need for this. They just say to make sure you eat until you feel satisfied, not until you are stuffed!

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Fat Loss 4 idiots claim that the difference with the plan they present is that the person will never feel hungry. This is not a fresh idea as a few other well known diet plans in the past have presented their own version of this. So in effect, Fat Loss 4 idiots is an updated version of a classic diet from the past.

What Activities Are Needed With  Fat Loss 4 Idiots

This whole plan was mainly devised for those who want to lose weight by eating right with as little activities involved as possible. With that said, the plan does not go into too much detail with regards to exercise except that they do recommend that you walk every day.

The Great Points About Fat Loss 4 Idiots Are…?

The plan has a good variety of eating plans. This means you are not limited to a restricted choice of what you can eat.It is for both veg. and non veg.eaters.  It should be suitable for anyone no matter if they need to lose 15 or 50 pounds.Quick weight loss happens due to a principle called calorie shifting following the plan for 11 days,which is the speciality of this diet plan.

Overall, this is a well respected diet plan. There are many rave reviews about Fat Loss For Idiots online as it is easy to follow and there is no additional expense in buying special foods.

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The price is under $39 which makes it very inexpensive when compared with many other big name diet plans. And for those who are unsure, they will also give you your money back within 60 days if you feel that it has not worked for you. Worth a closer look just for that last factor alone!