Your face is always front and center, so if you choose to have facial plastic surgery, it’s essential that you choose a plastic surgeon with the qualifications and experience necessary to achieve the best results. The cosmetic surgery Fort Lauderdale area residents choose is done by a surgeon who is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Look for a surgeon who is also a member of professional organizations like the American College of Surgeons, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and the Broward County Society of Plastic Surgeons. Your surgeon should have hospital privileges and should be someone who is respected by the medical community and patients.

Knowing Your Options for Rhinoplasty

The best Fort Lauderdale nose job is the one that is custom designed to suit your face beautifully. Nose reshaping may involve several processes, such as.

Refining the tip of the noseSmoothing down a bump in the bridge of the noseNarrowing the noseChanging the length of the noseFixing deviations inside the nose.

Any surgeon with a reputation for doing beautiful cosmetic surgery on the nose is one who creates a customized look, not one who does the same basic procedure on everyone. Your face is unique and your nose should be uniquely beautiful.

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Having a Consultation

Your consultation should answer your many questions about having plastic surgery. Top surgeons encourage questions and give honest answers about what is and what is not achievable. The consult will let you know if you can communicate effectively with your surgeon and if your surgeon listens to you and respects your needs and goals. You should never feel rushed during a consultation, and you should never feel pushed into having procedures you’re not comfortable with.

Viewing the Evidence

Your Fort Lauderdale surgeon should be happy to show you before and after photos of patients he or she has operated on. From these pictures you can see whether a surgeon understands patient needs and shapes each nose to suit the rest of the facial features. The same nose doesn’t look good on everyone, and the best surgeons know how much of a difference even very subtle changes in the nose can make. When your surgeon examines you, he or she should be looking at you as more than just a nose, but as an entire person who deserves a custom nose that is designed for you, and you alone.

Trusting your Surgeon

The cosmetic surgery Fort Lauderdale residents have come to expect must involve a surgeon and staff who are dedicated to each individual case. Before you commit to having a nose job or any other plastic surgery, you should feel like you can trust your surgeon, and that he or she will abide by your choices. Your final result should be a more beautiful face that still projects your unique individuality, and the best way to achieve this is by researching plastic surgeons, asking questions, and making informed choices. When you choose to have plastic surgery, you should demand the best and never settle for anything less.

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