The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene

Best Life Diet is known worldwide thanks to Oprah, American presenter who lost weight using it. Bob Greene, author of Diet Best Life, Oprah first met at a spa in Colorado.

Base of Best Life Diet

Diet plan is not short-term, but a lasting behavior modification, which will bring benefits in the future. The program includes four parts:

  • The three important questions
  • 8 methods to decrease your appetite
  • 6 foods to avoid
  • Interval hunger

The three important questions

The author, a person with difficulty maintaining weight must determine the root of evil, and that is to find some causes for his problem. Therefore, anyone who wants to lose weight should first answer the 3 questions:

  • Why are overweight?
  • Why I want to lose weight?
  • Why I could not keep me weak in the past?

Answering these answers, something in your mind will change.

8 ways to decrease your appetite

  • Eat every 3-4 hours
  • Fill your stomach with foods rich in fiber and water
  • Protein, fat and complex carbohydrates should be included in every meal and snack
  • Chew slowly, sit at the table 20 minutes, so the brain to receive signals of fullness
  • Avoid being surrounded by restaurants and food when there’s time table
  • Find out which factors cause you to overeat
  • Get enough sleep
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6 foods to avoid

  • Soda
  • Trans fats
  • Fried
  • White bread
  • White paste
  • Milk fat

This component of the program is essential to eat according to your body’s needs.

Phase 1: During this period of four weeks begins the journey of behavioral changes. These changes involve: activity, consumption of three meals a day and a snack daily, including breakfast, no alcohol, drinking a glass of water after every meal, taking a multivitamin with omega-3 and calcium, avoid food 2 hours before bedtime, avoid the forbidden foods and weighing before and after 4 weeks.

Phase II: Lokasi Pantai Gemah is developing at this stage and is perfect for a weight loss program in four weeks. However, if it has weakened slightly in stage I, it must be continued until it does not miss one more gram, then proceed to Stage II. Again, this stage includes at least four weeks of change: elimination of high-calorie foods, increasing physical activity intervals, keeping a food diary, preparing healthier meals, weighing once a week.

Stage III: This stage frees you from the yoke of food restriction, giving you the opportunity to fulfill occasional cravings. The so-called “luxury calories” of dark chocolate, pizza and a glass of wine can now be consumed guilt-free. We still need to maintain the habit of physical activity. Read more about the best weight loss pills for women in our product reviews.

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