Health Benefits of Kombucha Tea

Forget the holy water, the latest trend among Hollywood stars is Kombucha tea, which is miraculous for figure properties, health and against aging!

What is Kombucha tea?

It is miraculous Chinese beverage made from a blend of green tea, black tea and sugar, which is then metabolized with a “mushroom” called Kombucha. This is not a mushroom in the true sense of the word, but rather a culture of bacteria and yeast, which was said that has the color and shape of a hat of this plant, which is formed on the surface as tea ferment.

After a 30-day fermentation process, yeast breaks down sugar and combine to produce tea antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. During fermentation, the mushroom produces a “baby mushroom” on its surface, which is transferred to another person who wants to create a Kombucha culture.

What are benefits from Kombucha tea intake?

But what it actually does? This super-potent preparation strengthens metabolism, eliminate toxins, reduce cholesterol, fight the effects of aging and diabetes, helps the immune system and is said to have even the power to cure alcoholism. In addition, Kombucha promotes healthy skin and hair, digestive system, fight disease and relieve intestinal pain of arthritis.

How does it work?

Kombucha tea contains lactic acid by a bacteria called probiotics, like yoghurt bacteria acidophilous of which encourage a healthy intestinal flora. This flora plays an important role in the functioning of all organs.

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In addition, this tea contains organic acids, vitamins and enzymes that give us super-powers. It contains a variety of vitamins, including C, B1, B2, B6 and B12, which energizes help to process fats and proteins and are essential for the healthy functioning of the nervous system.

Side effects

There have been few serious side effects, even deaths of people who have excessive consumed Kombucha tea. Mushrooms in the fermentation medium is only good for bad bacteria growth (mold and others), so we have to worry about contamination!

Famous Fans of Kombucha Tea

It seems that everyone at Wisata Alam Kediri has a passion for tea! Kirsten Dunst, Lindsay Lohan, Madonna, Halle Berry and Meg Ryan have dropped Starbucks drinks in favor of Kombucha.

Kombucha tea is made by Chinese tradition, in his own home. They say it only applies if baby mushrooms made during fermentation are given, by someone you know. But as the drink became popular, it began to find its way into the trade, both in bottles and in capsule form.