Most of us go through that awkward stage of having to deal and get rid of acne. Some in their teens, some in their 20′s or 30′s and others who are not that lucky enough still battle with acne until their 40′s or 50′s. But looking for the best product is a problem in itself since you can’t just try every product in the market. Our choice of products would usually base on our specific skin problem.

Most acne products claim they are the No. 1 in the market, but surveys and reader comments are the best indicators which products works best.

Here are the guidelines consumers follow in choosing the best acne product.

Safe To use – the major concern of any consumer is how a product can assure it is safe to use and doesn’t have much side effects that damaging and life threatening.

Acne clearing results – people have a tendency to buy instantly if the product displays immediate results. This is true since its human nature to want to fix the problem right away especially if it concerns our outward looks. The best acne product may not remove acne in an hour or two but should have improved changes within 24 hrs.

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Natural Ingredients – many consumers are concerned of what they put in their face and needs to check the label first. It is very advisable to do so since some people can be allergic to a specific ingredient or chemical in a product. It would also be best to consult a dermatologist or physician before using a certain acne product to be advised what to do for untoward side effects.

Long Term Result – is a major consideration in choosing a product mainly since acne problems are usually a long term problem as well. It’s best to have a product that does not only work but works for a long time.

Value for your Money – Of course who wouldn’t want this? We want something that works but doesn’t put a hole on our pockets. We also have a natural tendency to base an acne products effectivity because it is expensive. This isn’t so, we should look for that acne product that would give value to our money.

Here are some of the Best Acne products plus their best feature in treating acne:

ACNEXUS – $59.95

  • works within 24 hours guaranteed
  • removes black heads permanently
  • contains 27 all natural ingredients


  • removes blackheads, whiteheads and signs of aging
  • clears melasma and acne scarring
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  • oral acne treatment that has no side effects
  • money back guarantee
  • treats acne on every area


  • reduces acne overnight
  • for mature 40yo skin

ACNETIX – $79.99

  • 35 organic ingredients
  • Top Rated acne treatment by consumers and experts
  • money back guarantee

PRO ACTIV – $59.99

  • 1 selling acne treatment

Whatever acne treatment product you choose, it is still best to check yourself and your lifestyle practices. Some acne is caused by stress, irregular sleeping habits, smoking and unhealthy diet. You may not need to buy anything to remove those nasty acne in the first place.